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  • BSW PART: 8816

    Neve 8816

    Summing Mixer

    The Neve 8816 makes the legendary sound of Neve summing available to computer-based producers. Using the same transformer mixing topology as the classic 80 Series console, with two custom Carnhill...

  • BSW PART: 1073DPD

    Neve 1073DPD

    Stereo Mic Preamp

    Perfect for digital recording, the Neve 1073DPD combines two acclaimed Neve 1073 microphone preamps with Neve-designed A/D converters, all in a single rackspace.The Neve 1073DPD is the consummate mic...

  • BSW PART: 8804

    Neve 8804

    Fader Control for the 8816 Summing Mixer

    The perfect companion to Neve's 8816 Summing Mixer, the Neve 8804 Fader Pack is designed for rackmount or table top use. It features 16 long-throw channel faders with mute switches and two long-throw...

  • BSW PART: 1073DPA

    Neve 1073DPA

    Stereo Mic Preamp

    The Neve 1073DPA features two acclaimed Class A Neve 1073 mic preamps in a single rackspace. The big, punchy sound of the 1073 compliments any musical genre, making it the consummate mic pre for...

  • BSW PART: 8803

    Neve 8803

    Dual Channel EQ and Filter

    The Neve 8803 is a dual-channel equalizer and filter that delivers legendary Neve sound with digitally recallable settings via USB connection to Mac or PC.Designed to deliver the inimitable sound of...

  • BSW PART: 8801

    Neve 8801

    Channel Strip

    The Neve 8801 channel strip is like having a complete channel from the legendary Neve 88R console in a single rackmount unit, boasting a classic Neve mic preamp and EQ circuitry with an 88R-style...

  • BSW PART: 8051

    Neve 8051

    5.1 Surround Compressor / Limiter

    The Neve 8051 is a hand-built analog compressor offering six transformer balanced audio paths, complemented by two side chains and a key input. Based on six 2254 compression circuits (using the same...

  • BSW PART: 4081

    Neve 4081

    Quad Mic Preamp

    The Neve 4081 Quad Mic Preamp builds on the incredible success of the 1081 and 1081R modules and provides both powerful control and legendary Neve sound. Perfect for vocals, ADR and Foley recording,...

  • BSW PART: 8816ADC

    Neve 8816ADC

    8816 ADC Option Only

    Analog-to-digital conversion card for the Neve 8816 supports standard sample rates to 192kHz and direct conversion to DSD (Direct Stream Digital).

  • BSW PART: 2254R

    Neve 2254R

    Mono Compressor / Limiter

    The Neve 2254/R rackmount mono limiter/compressor boasts the same features as the legendary Neve 2254 from the 60s, including discreet, Class A design, transformer-coupled circuits used in the input,...