Inovonics 677



Triple Tuner for AM/FM/NOAA

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The 677 Triple Tuner is an EAS Monitor Receiver in a compact half-rack package. It has three built-in discrete frequency agile receivers, each one programable for either AM, FM or NOAA reception. Each receiver has a balanced monoaural XLR audio output to serve as EAS monitor, or off-air monitor throughout the broadcast facility.

The 677 has an easy front panel set-up with jog-wheel menu navigation and front panel readout. On the back panel, six rear-panel GPOs may be user-assigned to alarm functions.

The dynamic Web interface provides control & monitoring remotely via any Web enabled device. In addition, remote listening by Web stream along with alarms/notification via email and SMS messages. SNMP is fully supported.

$2,070.00 $2,300.00
You save $230.00

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  • Main Features:
  • Three unique receivers for selectable AM, FM, NOAA reception
  • Balanced monoaural XLR outputs for each receiver
  • Easy front panel set-up via jog wheel with LED readout and metering
  • Alerts sent to personnel via email and/or text messages
  • Full-function remote Web Interface works on desktop and mobile devices
  • Remote listening stream selectable for each receiver
  • Specifications:
  • Three AM/FM/WB(NOAA) tuners: Discrete frequency agile receivers, each one programable for either AM, FM or NOAA reception. AM: 520-1710kHz FM: 64.0-108.0MHz WB: 162.400/162.425/162.450/162.475/162.500/162.525/162.550MHz Adjust IF and audio bandwidth for each mode Adjustable AM and FM de-emphasis Adjustable mono balanced analog output for each tuner (-15 to +15dBu)
  • Alarms: Independently configurable alarms for each tuner Audio Loss Low Signal RDS PI Error Alert Tone Viewable and downloadable alarm logs Alarms can be emailed to specific recipients Alarms can send SNMP traps to 3 destinations
  • Additional Features: Up to 6 hours of real-time history for RSSI and audio levels for each tuner Built-in web server for monitoring and control Audio can be streamed from one of the tuners (selectable) Full SNMP support for monitoring and control Six configurable GPO Front panel headphone jack and audio meter can be set to listen to any one of the three tuners