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Make Your Station an Audience Magnet with the Orban OPTIMOD 5950

Make Your Station an Audience Magnet with the Orban OPTIMOD 5950

Whether you're broadcasting in analog or digital using radio waves or streaming via the internet's series of tubes, the best way to grab ears and hold them is to sound better than your competition.

Broadcast audio processing pioneer Orban Labs has been helping radio stations do just that since the swinging sixties. Always innovating to give a station the tools it needs to easily create a powerful signature sound over AM, FM, HD and the internet (even all four at once), Orban is releasing a new generation of broadcast audio processors that's sure to grow a station's audience (and boost its bottom line).

The first of Orban's new generation of broadcast audio processors to hit the scene, the compact (1RU) OPTIMOD 5950 FM and DAB+/HD Radio Audio Processor offers a comprehensive suite of powerful features, including exclusive MX peak limiter technology that delivers airy, ear-pleasing highs while keeping distortion at bay. With its handy high-resolution touch display and control via any HTML5 web browser, the OPTIMOD 5950 is easy to operate while providing the highest quality OPTIMOD audio processing for FM and DAB+/HD Radio broadcasts.

Among the 5950's many cutting-edge features, Orban's revolutionary MX peak limiter decreases distortion, increases transient impact, and provides more high-frequency energy to minimize audible HF loss caused by pre-emphasis limiting. Thanks to its analog, AES3, AES67/SMPTE-ST2110, composite and digital MPX inputs and outputs, you can easily and seamlessly integrate the OPTIMOD 5950 in any studio and transmitter environment.

Whether you're broadcasting using radio waves in analog or digital, or streaming via the internet, the essence of transmitting content has fundamentally remained the same: it's all about connecting with your audience and delivering a message or entertainment.

With the Orban 5950, your ever-growing audience will never want to touch that dial.

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