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Radio Design Labs ST-NG1


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The ST-NG1 is the ideal choice where random white or pink noise is needed. It is suitable either as a reference noise source for audio measurements or as a masking noise source in engineered sound or counter-intelligence applications.

Amplitude limiting circuitry in the ST-NG1 controls extreme peak excursions while preserving random variations of at least 20 dB. The noise generating circuitry in the ST-NG1 is truly random analog noise occupying the full bandwidth from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. This makes the ST-NG1 ideal in masking environments where secure, random noise is required. Unlike the typical digitally generated pseudo-random noise generators which can be decoded and removed by effective intelligence equipment, the ST-NG1 produces no repetitive frequency or amplitude pattern.

Wherever white or pink noise signals are needed, the ST-NG1 is the ideal choice. Use the ST-NG1 individually, or combine it with other RDL products as part of a complete audio/video system.

PS24AS power supply sold separately.

Main Features:
• Random Noise Source
• Masking Noise Sources
• Pink Noise
• White Noise
• Mic and/or Line Level Noise Signals


• Outputs (each source):+4 dBu balanced line-level -45 dBu balanced mic-level
• Output Level:OFF to +8 dBu (line-level output adjustable)
• Off to -40 dBu (mic-level output)
• Spectral Distribution:White and Pink
• Power Requirement:GROUND-REFERENCED 24 Vdc @ 30 mA
• Ambient Operating Environment:0° C to 55° C

$185.65 $247.53
You save $61.88

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