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Radio Design Labs FP-PA18



18 W Audio Power Amplifier with Power Supply

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The FP-PA18 is a high efficiency 18 W power amplifier with a line input, 8 ohm output, integral audio compressor and an automatic sleep mode. The FP-PA18 features a balanced line level input that may be connected unbalanced. A gain control located next to the terminal block is designed to be adjusted manually or with a trimming screwdriver. The gain range will accommodate standard unbalanced levels as well as professional balanced levels. The output drives one 8 ohm speaker or multiple speakers connected to present an 8 ohm load to the amplifier.

The FP-PA18 includes an analog compressor/limiter for fidelity audibly superior to conventional class D amplifiers with digital limiting. The input GAIN setting determines whether the limiter alone is used for clipping suppression, or if the full compressor/limiter will be used to substantially increase the average output power beyond that of a standard 18 W amplifier. A red COMPRESSION LED flashes when the limiter is preventing output clipping. Normal audio level signals remain unaffected by the compressor thereby preserving audio dynamics. If the input level is increased so that the compressor is active, the LED remains dimly lit between peak flashes. The audio is compressed according to three dynamic time constants providing aural transparency while maintaining clean, unclipped amplified audio for input overloads of up to 20 dB. The FP-PA18, with compression, is capable of producing average audio output levels and clarity normally expected from amplifiers with a much higher output power rating.

$269.06 $358.74
You save $89.68

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  • Main Features:
  • 18 Watts RMS into 8 Ω
  • Automatic Energy-Saving Sleep Mode
  • Selectable Sleep Delay: Off, 5, 15, 25 Minutes
  • Input / Output Detachable Terminal Block Connections
  • Line Level Balanced or Unbalanced Input
  • Compressor/Limiter Controls Clipping
  • LED to Indicate Audio Compression Threshold
  • Compressor Produces Maximized Average Output Power
  • Audio Quality Superior to Standard Amplifiers
  • Ultra-compact All Metal Construction
  • High-Efficiency Class D Operation
  • Thermal and Short-Circuit Protection
  • Specifications
  • Input: Line level (+4 dBu nominal balanced; -10 dBV nominal unbalanced)
  • Input Impedance:10 kΩ balanced bridging; 5 kΩ unbalanced
  • Gain Adjustment: Single turn audio taper
  • Minimum Input Levels:
  • Balanced: -18 dBu (to cross compressor threshold)
  • Unbalanced: -20 dBV (to cross compressor threshold)
  • Maximum Input Levels:
  • Balanced: +23 dBu
  • Unbalanced: +21 dBV
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz (± 1 dB)*
  • THD+N: < 0.5% (20 Hz to 20 kHz)*
  • Compressor: Threshold 3 dB below rated output, automatically adjusting attack and release times
  • Noise: < -72 dB (below 18 W RMS, +4 dBu input)
  • CMRR: > 45 dB (50 Hz to 3 kHz)
  • Output Power :18 W RMS into 8 Ω
  • Output Circuit: Class D
  • Output Signal Detector Threshold: 30 mW @ 20 Hz; 20 mW @ 30 Hz; 10 mW @ 50 Hz; 5 mW @ 65 Hz through 20 kHz • Output Signal Detector Output: Open collector, 5 mA
  • Sleep Mode Power Consumption: < 1 W (amplifier and included power supply)
  • Sleep Mode Delay: 5, 15 or 25 minutes (selectable)
  • Sleep Mode Disable: Selectable
  • Active Mode Delay: < 150 mS after input audio detected
  • Audio Detector Threshold: -50 dBu balanced, -52 dBV unbalanced
  • Ambient Operating Environment: 0° C to 50° C Maximum
  • Indicators (3):
  • Red LED: COMP LED indicates compressor activity
  • Green LED: OUTPUT ACTIVE (controlled by output signal detector)
  • Blue LED: POWER on; Dim: Sleep mode active; Bright: Amplifier active
  • 24 Vdc power supply current: 16 mA (idle), 975 mA (max.), Ground-referenced
  • Power Supply (included): 100 to 240 Vac, 50-60 Hz, 1A max.; 24 Vdc output to module
  • Dimensions: Height: 1.15 in.(2.92 cm); Width: 3.25 in.(8.26 cm); Length: 3 in.(7.62 cm) *measured at compressor threshold level equaling 12 W RMS output power
  • Package Type: Cardboard Box
  • Package Dimensions: 4.375 x 7 x 2.25 in.
  • Shipping Weight: 1.025 lbs.
  • WEEE weight: 0.755 lbs.
  • Tariff code: 8543.70.9910