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Podtiles PT18-14-HXB Oat



PodTile Hex w/ Bevel 14 x 12 EchoScape 3/4in (18mm) Color: P316 OAT


Podtiles! The ultimate solution for sound control in your professional or home studio. Crafted with style, sustainability, and versatility in mind, Podtiles are the epitome of innovation in acoustic design. With a sleek and modern aesthetic, Podtiles seamlessly blend into any studio environment while effectively dampening sound to ensure pristine audio quality. Say goodbye to unwanted echoes and reverberations that can compromise your recordings or disrupt your creative flow. Made from 60% recycled water bottles, each tile not only enhances your studio's acoustics but also reduces environmental impact.

By choosing Podtiles, you're not just investing in quality sound control; you're making a statement in support of sustainability. Measuring 0.9 on the Noise Pollution Coefficient (NPC) scale, Podtiles provide optimal sound absorption without sacrificing aesthetics. Available in nine dynamic colors, you have the freedom to select the perfect hue to complement your studio branding or personal style. Whether you prefer bold and vibrant tones or understated neutrals, there's a Podtile to suit every taste. Thanks to Podtiles' lightweight and modular design, you can arrange them in various configurations to customize your acoustic treatment according to your studio layout and sound requirements.

Whether you're setting up a professional recording space or enhancing your home studio, Podtiles offer unparalleled flexibility.Transform your studio into a haven of creativity and sonic perfection with Podtiles. Elevate your sound, protect the environment, and unleash your artistic potential with this innovative acoustic solution. Experience the difference that Podtiles can make in your studio today.


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  • Main Features:
  • Hexagon pattern with beveled edges for maximum design flexibility
  • Nine colors to choose from including: Ash, Charcoal, Cobalt, Pear, Sandstone, Slate, Iced Grey, Oat, Denim, and Spruce

Please Note: Rodecaster Pro, laptop, microphone with stand, and desk with chair in office image are not included with purchase.
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