HDR/FM NOMAD ANALYZER v2.x, software only, Includes the hardware license USB key


The Nomad HDR/FM Analyzer measures the RF level of HD Radio sideband ratios to analog and interferer carriers along with analog FM RF level recording of each station for the entire FM band. It utilizes highly accurate GPS monitoring using WAAS/EGNOS satellites and supports logging of up to 5 simultaneous channels (HD Radio or analog). Real-time propagation analysis reports on unexpected RF drops, presence of interferers, HD Radio sideband power ratio mismatches and other features. Reporting is available via Excel-friendly CSV, Google Earth KML formats or OpenStreetMap PDF outputs.

The unique real-time propagation analysis is possible by pre-computing the “spectrum picture” of the surrounding measurement campaign area by uploading the propagation files from the Octave Propagation Model Cloud Service, which connects and analyzes the data from the FCC, ISED (Canada) or Mexico broadcasting database. This allows a single user to drive into his/her measurement campaign while receiving audible notification when the system detects reception problems, potential interference issues, etc. This enables the user to quickly decide to make more measurements in critical areas during the drive tests to gather to most relevant information.


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  • Main Features:
  • Record simultaneously up to 5 channels
  • Real time propagation analysis with prediction models (based on FCC, ISED and Mexico broadcasting databases)
  • Real time audible alarm feedback, reporting on: system status, propagation detected issues, other configuration alarms
  • Real time audio recording (HD and analog) and geotag playback
  • Time-based or distance-based data acquisition
  • High accuracy GPS positioning
  • Full campaign offline player
  • Model metadata editor and optional model converter
  • Spectrum analyzer-only mode for radiocom measurements
  • Spectrum graph / power bar graph mode
  • Export graph to CSV
  • Support model KML overlay on OSM maps
  • Audio playback/record control (HDR only / split / blend / analog)
  • HD Radio™ metrics recording including1:
  • -HD Signal Acquired
  • -HD Digital Audio Acquired
  • -HD Available Programs
  • -SIS Acquired
  • -Program QI
  • -Program DAAI
  • -CD/NO
  • -HD Artist -HD Title
  • -Current Image Status
  • -Current Image Name
  • -Logo Image Interval
  • -Album Image Name
  • -Album Image Interval
  • -Realtime audio recording (right channel analog and left channel digital) and geotagging for later analysis or playback
  • FM/RBDS metrics recording including1:
  • -Multipath
  • -SNR
  • -RDS Loss
  • -RDS PI -Stereo Indicator
  • -RSSI
  • -Left channel level
  • -Right channel level
  • -RDS PS
  • -RDS RT
  • -Realtime audio recording and geotagging for later analysis or playback
  • Spectrum Analyzer metrics:
  • -Main channel power
  • -HD Radio™ side band power (MP1, MP2, MP3 or MP11 modes)
  • -1st adjacent channel power
  • -2nd adjacent channel power
  • -Ability to save spectrum graph for later analysis
  • Direct post-processing output:
  • -One-click campaign summary report in OpenXML(docs), HTML5 or RTF format
  • -Each individual metrics is recorded as CSV File
  • -Google Earth KML report generation available for most metrics
  • -Also support generating map reports to PNG via Open Street Map
  • -Detailed analysis such as analog to HD sideband carrier ratios and model comparison
  • -Unique antenna pattern validation analysis now with csv, polar graph and heat map
  • Supports 3 languages: English, French and Spanish
  • Specifications:
  • Full analysis of FM Analog or HD Radio™ stations, including HD Artist Experience.
  • Record power levels (or full spectrum graph display) of the main analog, lower and upper HD bands, as well as the 1st and 2nd adjacent frequencies.
  • Record data points for over 20 different analog and HD metrics, including HD Acquired, HD Decoding, SNR, Multipath, Cd/No and RDS
  • Real-time service quality analysis comparison with propagation models generating audible alarms, available in three languages (English, Spanish and French).
  • Easy model file import tool or using Octave model file generation services.
  • Full campaign playback and archival of both analog and HD audio to MP3 files that can be cross-referenced (geotag) with the recorded data.
  • Monitoring and recording of the station logo, artist experience images and their associated metrics.