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USB Midi Interface

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At a size and price that's perfect for most MIDI recording applications, the Mark of the Unicorn MIDI Express 128 is a professional MIDI interface that provides plug-and-play connectivity to any USB-equipped Macintosh or Windows computer. The Express 128 provides 8 MIDI IN, 9 MIDI OUT, 128 MIDI channels and compatibility with all Macintosh and Windows software. It gives you high-speed MIDI throughput, sub-millisecond timing accuracy, support for "hot-swapping" and plug-and-play expansion. The Midi Express 128 is conveniently powered from the USB connection, so you don't have to mess around looking for a power source.

• MIDI connectivity - Provides eight independent MIDI inputs and outputs for a total of 128 MIDI channels.

• Expansion - MOTU MIDI interfaces grow with you. Expansion is simple. Add additional MIDI ports by plugging in another MOTU MIDI interface.

• Compatibility - Works with your favorite software. Includes drivers for Mac OS9, Mac OS X and Windows Me/2000/XP. High-speed USB connection.

• USB-Powered - Bus-powered from USB connection. No additional power necessary.

$235.00 $249.00
You save $14.00

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