Moseley SL9003T1-2X2LAN



Full Duplex Two Channel STL/TSL with LAN (SL9003T1-2X2LAN)

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Looking for a Moseley T1 solution? The Starlink 9003T1 is a powerful, all-digital modular system for transmitting high-quality audio over T1 lines. It provides audio, voice and data connectivity to remote transmitter sites over T1 or E1 circuits with no distance or line-of-sight terrain restrictions. With configuration options limited only by the imagination, this system utilizes a range of personality modules and daughter cards in a 3-rack unit mainframe. The mainframe can house up to eight application-specific modules including 16-bit PCM linear digital audio, ISO/MPEG layer II or apt-X source coding, drop/insert and variable-rate digital mux, speech/fax/data cards, T1/E1 and more.

A building block “any-card, any-slot” approach is used resulting in lower cost, greater flexibility and enhanced reliability. The use of international standard digital I/Os allows the system to seamlessly connect to the outside world. Linear digital audio can be delivered by use of a source coder module, a source decoder module, two T1 line drivers, external CSUs and the mainframes. A digital four-port mux allows additional compressed audio channels to be carried by the system. In addition, data and voice cards for transmitter control and operational communications can be added into the system.

Several STL/TSL pre-packaged systems are available. For example the SL9003T12X2LAN is a full duplex 2-channel T1/E1 STL/TSL with LAN that provides stereo audio in both directions, three bidirectional RS-232 data circuits plus full duplex Ethernet channel. It includes two SL9003T1 chassis with power supplies, two SL9000SET1 Source Encoder and two SL9000SDT1 Source Decoder audio modules with AES/EBU and analog I/Os and 32, 44.1 or 48 kHz sample rates, two SL9000LAN cards, four SL9000RS232 cards, 6-port Mux and CSU. Call BSW for a solution for your station.

Primary Applications:

• Digital Program Audio

• HD Radio and Multicasting

• RPU and Satellite Backhaul

• Confidence Monitor


• Remote Control and Telemetry

• IP-Based Control

• Mirrored Servers

• Telephone Extension

• Internet and Email

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  • Primary Features:
  • Digital Audio Transport: Crystal clear highs and transparent bass notes to make a station stand out on the dial. There's no noise buildup or distortion common to analog lines or STLs.
  • Intelligent Multiplexer: Daughter cards for the intelligent multiplexer provide data and voice circuits. Systems can be easily customized to a station's needs. The T1 CSU or E1 interface is built-in too.
  • HD Radio Ready: 44.1, 48 and 32 kHz sample rates plus an available Ethernet data channel gives you all the signals required for HD Radio and Multicasting.
  • High Payload Capacity: Combining payload over a single bidirectional digital circuit saves stations money when compared to multiple discreet audio, voice and data circuits.
  • Analog and Digital I/O: Both AES/EBU and analog inputs and outputs on a single module make easy connections to analog or digital studios, transmitters and processing.
  • Built by Moseley: Built in our own factory means on-time deliveries and readily available spare parts. Moseley technicians test all systems before they leave our plant.