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  • BSW PART: LKS-7-A1

    Listen LKS-7-A1

    The ListenTALK R8 System is a portable wireless one-way communication system for one leader and up to seven participants. Easy to create a group with the push of a button on the Docking Station Case...

  • BSW PART: LKS-6-A1

    Listen LKS-6-A1

    The ListenTALK GR8 System is designed for portable wireless one-way communications with one leader and seven participants. Easy set up via software, Charging Case or Near Field Communications (NFC)...

  • BSW PART: LKS-5-A1

    Listen LKS-5-A1

    The ListenTALK GO! System comes pre-programmed and ready to use. Excellent for any portable one-way communications requirement including tours, simultaneous interpretation, training, etc. Main...

  • BSW PART: LKS-4-A1

    Listen LKS-4-A1

    Offer your clients, customers, and students a complete assistive listening solution wherever it is needed with the ListenTALK ADA system. The LKS-4-A1 meets all IBC and ADA requirements for rooms...

  • BSW PART: LKS-3-A1

    Listen LKS-3-A1

    Perfect for setups where multiple team leaders or representatives have to be in communication with the entire team, the LKS-3 Listen Talk System includes all the equipment needed to meet those needs...

  • BSW PART: LKS-2-A1

    Listen LKS-2-A1

    The LKS-2 ListenTalk System is a perfect solution for organizations that require a higher-capacity two-way communications solution right out of the package. Complete with one (1) Headset-2, eight (8)...

  • BSW PART: LKS-1-A1

    Listen LKS-1-A1

    An ideal starter system for incorporating two-way communications, the LKS-1 ListenTALK System from Listen Technologies comes with everything you need. Each system includes four (4) ListenTALK...

  • BSW PART: LKR-12-A0

    Listen LKR-12-A0

    The LKR-12 ListenTALK Receiver Basic is a one-way device designed for those participants that only need to listen to ListenTALK group conversations. The LKR-12 is equipped with Listen Technologies’...

  • BSW PART: LKR-11-A0

    Listen LKR-11-A0

    The LKR-11 ListenTALK Receiver Pro is a one-way device designed for those participants that only need to listen to ListenTALK group conversations. The LKR -11 is equipped with Listen Technologies’...

  • BSW PART: LK-1-A0

    Listen LK-1-A0

    Designed to be the new standard for two-way mobile communications, the ListenTALK Transceiver is the smartest system available. The all-in-one device, equipped with Listen Technologies’ exclusive...

  • BSW PART: LS-53-072

    Listen LS-53-072

    IDSP Prime Level 1 Stationary RF System (72 MHz)

    The LS-53 Stationary RF System from Listen Technologies is a complete package that makes it quick and easy to offer a single-channel assistive listening solution to clients, customers, visitors, and...

  • BSW PART: LA362

    Listen LA362

    *NIMH 2 Pack Batteries

    Unlike nickel cadmium, or NiCAD batteries, Listen LA-362 Rechargable AA NiMH batteries do not suffer from memory conditions, therefore they fully recharge and fully discharge hundreds of times. This...