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.55" 12-Digit ESE/SMPTE/EBU/ASCII SerialSlave,Rack

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The ES-126U is a twelve-digit Time Code Reader (ESE-TC90, ASCII, SMPTE or EBU) that displays six digits (Hours, Minutes & Seconds) of time and six digits (Month, Day and Year or optionally Day, Month and Year) of date. The displays are .56" high yellow LEDs and the unit is mounted in a 1 3/4" rack mount enclosure.

It is designed to read the serial data from any Master Clock, Converter or Calendar that has an ESE-TC90 Time Code output. It can also read properly formatted ASCII, SMPTE or EBU.

•Displays Time & Date

•Reads SMPTE/EBU, ASCII & ESE Time Code™

•Automatic Code Detection

•Twelve Yellow LED Displays - .56" high (ES-126U) or 1" high (ES-127U)

•Viewing Distance 20' (ES-126U) or 35' (ES-127U) •Switchable Between 12 & 24 Hour Format Display

•Optional Time Zone Offset

•19" Rack Mount Panel & Chassis

•UL & 220-240 VAC options available (110-120 VAC is standard)

•Additional display sizes & enclosures available as well as other various options, please contact us for further details

$517.86 $580.00
You save $62.14

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