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  • BSW PART: ES201

    ESE ES201

    The ES-201 provides a loop-thru input and four isolated outputs, all accessible via BNC connectors. An independent screwdriver-adjustable Gain and Equalization control for each output are provided on...

  • BSW PART: LX520U

    ESE LX520U

    The LX520U is a 4-digit, 60 minute timer with .56 amber LED displays. Three front panel buttons (Start, Stop and Reset) are used to control the unit. The timer can also be remotely operated by a rear...

  • BSW PART: LX5112U

    ESE LX5112U

    The LX-5112U is a Wall Mount Analog Clock with a 12" viewing diameter. The LX-5112U is designed to operate as a Time Code Reader or Stand-Alone Clock. It can read, decode and display time information...

  • BSW PART: LX5116U

    ESE LX5116U

    Self-Setting 16" Analog Clock

    The LX-5116U is a Wall Mount Analog Clock with a 16" viewing diameter. The LX-5116U is designed to operate as a Time Code Reader, Stand-Alone Clock or Impulse Clock. It can read, decode and display...

  • BSW PART: SD488E

    ESE SD488E

    SD SDI Time Code Generator/Reader/Inserter - 1¾in Rack Mount

    The SD-488E is a Time Code Reader, Generator and Inserter for SD (Standard Definition) Serial Digital Interface (SDI) video. Linear Time Code (LTC), Digital Vertical Interval Time Code (D-VITC) and...


    ESE ES362UE

    Master Timer (ES 302UE / Serial Output)

    The ES-362UE is a 100 Minute Up/Down Timer. The ES-362UE is housed in a folded aluminum/plastic case. The timer is presettable via the front-mounted thumbwheel switch. Up, Down, Stop, Reset-to-zero,...

  • BSW PART: ES-520UE

    ESE ES-520UE

    60 Minute Timer

    The ES-520UE is a 60 Minute Up Timer. Start, Stop and Reset controls are provided on the front of the case. A remote control input is accessible on the rear-mounted DB-9 connector, which also...

  • BSW PART: ES247E

    ESE ES247E

    Quad 1X6 Video DA

    The ES-247E provides four independent 1x6 Video DA's in a single rack-mount enclosure. Each DA has loop-thru inputs and six isolated outputs, all accessible via BNC connectors. Screwdriver-adjustable...

  • BSW PART: ES171U

    ESE ES171U

    *Digital Slave, Remote Display

    The ES-171U is a small Time Code display designed to fit in a console mount application. The unit accepts, via a rear-mounted BNC connector, either ESE Time Code™ (TC76™, TC89™, or TC90™) or...

  • BSW PART: DV319

    ESE DV319

    HD/SD Sync Generator

    The DV-319 is an HD/SD Sync Generator. Features of the DV-319 include four HD sync outputs. These outputs produce an HD tri-level sync output. Eighteen HD output formats are supported on the DV-319...

  • BSW PART: LX221

    ESE LX221

    Genlockable Black Burst Generator

    The LX-221 is a six output Black-Burst / Sync Generator. The unit features enhanced black-burst circuitry and extremely precise stability. LX-221 provides a convenient source of RS-170A composite...

  • BSW PART: ES219A

    ESE ES219A

    Black Burst Generator

    The ES-219A is a Black-Burst / Sync Generator with four isolated outputs. The unit provides a dependable and stable composite black-burst signal for pre-blacking tapes and/or for general...