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Digigram LOLA280



Multichannel PCI-Express Sound Card - Cables Included


The Digigram LoLa280 is a low-latency, low profile PCI Express multichannel sound card designed for broadcast audio recording and logging systems. Based on a new hardware platform, it provides eight balanced analog inputs with AGCs, two balanced analog outputs, headphones output for monitoring, and a hardware digital mixer.

The LoLa280 features an integrated digital hardware mixer allowing the routing of any input combination to any of the eight recording devices and physical outputs, using high precision calculation (values are not rounded) and at ultra-low latency.

The LoLa280 mixer application is an intuitive GUI allowing for easy control and adjustment of levels, application of Automatic Gain Control (AGC) on all inputs (independently for each input), mixing, and routing. Advanced functions like AGC, mixing before recording, mix monitoring, and the capability of low latency confidence monitoring make LoLa280 a perfect choice for broadcast applications.

• Short-length PCI Express low profile format: (Fits in standard PC’s as well as in compact PC’s)

• 8 balanced analog inputs with AGC

• 2 balanced analog outputs

• Maximum input and output levels: +24 dBu

• 24-bit/192 kHz converters

• Word clock input/output

• 8 playback devices/8 recording devices

• On-board hardware digital mixer with: 8 analog inputs and 8 playback devices, 2 analog outputs and 8 recording devices

• Mixer application allowing for adjusting analog and digital input/output levels and input AGC’s, routing and mixing any combinations of inputs to recording devices, monitoring any combination of inputs and playback devices

• Visiblu compatible

• Windows drivers: WDM DirectSound, ASIO

• Optional 2U rack mountable breakout box available


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