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**Remote interview solution / Annual Subscription / 1 year


IQOYA GUEST is Digigram’s simple web-based solution for conducting remote interviews of guests outside the studio.

This web-based solution does not require any hardware installations or software applications to work. The studio can access the complete interface through their web-browser and directly invite a guest to join the call by sending a link directly to their phones/email IDs.

The link can then be opened with a web browser on the phone or computer of the guest/journalist, allowing them to be on a live program without having to install any applications to their systems. Digigram’s advanced audio codecs ensure superior audio-quality without any expensive peripherals.

Just like the IQOYA TALK, calls placed through the IQOYA GUEST PREVIEW can also be managed and monitored using Digigram’s SIP server, IQOYA CONNECT. However, this is an additional option and is not critical for using this solution.

How does it work?

Using the IQOYA GUEST Preview web interface, the studio sends an invite link to the guest or contributor via a simple text message or e-mail.

1. Guest receives the message/mail with a button that opens in the computer/smartphone browser.

2. The guest/contributor is now kept on stand-by until the studio is ready to put them on-air.

3. The guest/contributor can speak over the phone just like a normal telephonic conversation.


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  • Main Features:
  • IQOYA GUEST is Digigram’s simple web-based solution for conducting remote interviews of guests outside the studio, just by sending a link to their smartphones or computers.
  • No new application, plug-ins to be installed.
  • The sent link can then be opened on their web browser (smartphone browsers too) to start a broadcast quality call with the studio.
  • Will a web solution ensure broadcast-level audio quality? Superior audio codecs developed by leveraging 35 years of experience in professional audio. Broadcast-level audio quality comes as standard with all Digigram solutions.
  • Will the guests have to download and install a new application? No applications or extra plug-ins to be installed on the smartphone/computer of the guest or the studio. Only a web browser is required. Wouldn’t a new software/application be hard to learn and operate?
  • Intuitive user-interface designed for journalists and non-technical persons to ensure unprecedented ease of use and learning.