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Countryman E6OP5T



E6 ISOMAX Ultralight Earset With XLR Connector

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Perfect on stage or in church, Countryman's Isomax EarSets are the answer when you need the highest possible sound quality without the bulk and appearance of conventional headsets. Light and springy, Isomax EarSets clip around your ear, not around your head. They never interfere with your hairstyle, headphones or hat. The E60P5T model features a detachable/replaceable cable with an XLR connector, is tan in color, and has sensitivity tailored for speech pickup. Omnidirectional pattern; 1.9 g. weight. Requires phantom power.

The E6 is available in many additional configurations - call for more information on the following options:

• Choose from four colors, Light Beige, Tan, Cocoa, and Black, to blend with the user's appearance

• Choose 1 mm diameter cable for minimum visibility or exclusive DuraMax 2 mm cable for unmatched life

• A variety of factory-wired connectors offer out-of-the-box compatibility with many wireless bodypack transmitters, and hardwired XLR and stripped/tinned pigtail versions are also available

• The E6 is available in three different sensitivity levels, for speech, theatre and "loud vocal" applications

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