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Inovonics 677 Triple Tuner: Three Birds with One Stone

Inovonics 677 Triple Tuner: Three Birds with One Stone

No birds were harmed in the making of this blog post.

Question: How do you…

  • Help keep your listeners safe?
  • Comply with FCC Emergency Alert System (EAS) regulations?
  • Save valuable rack space?

Answer: You get the Inovonics 677 Triple Tuner, of course!

The new Inovonics Model 677 Triple Tuner is a state-of-the-art EAS monitor boasting three powerful built-in receivers in an ultra-compact half-rack package. Each frequency agile receiver is capable of AM, FM, or NOAA reception and sports a balanced mono-aural XLR audio output to serve as an EAS monitor or off-air monitor throughout your broadcast facility. Not bad for a half-pint half-rack!

Inovonics had the Model 677 Triple Tuner up and ready for Beta testing across the US during the nationwide EAS test in October. Belying its compact size, it performed like a heavyweight champ as it monitored FM, AM and NOAA transmissions.

  1. The Model 677 Triple Tuner has adjustable AM and FM de-emphasis, allowing you to fine-tune the audio output for each tuner (-15 to +15dBu).
  2. The tuner has independently configurable alarms for each tuner, including audio loss, low signal, RDS PI error, and alert tone. You can view and download alarm logs, and the alarms can be emailed to specific recipients. Additionally, the alarms can send SNMP traps to three destinations.
  3. The Model 677 Triple Tuner has up to 6 hours of real-time history for RSSI and audio levels for each tuner, allowing you to monitor and analyze the performance over time.
  4. The 677 Triple Tuner has an easy front panel setup with jog-wheel menu navigation and front panel readout. You can assign six convenient rear-panel GPOs to alarm functions.

The 677 Triple Tuner's dynamic Web interface gives you smooth control and monitoring remotely via any Web-enabled device. It also offers remote listening by Web stream along with alarms/notification via email and SMS messages. Full SNMP support is the icing on the cake.

If you're looking for one stone-cold stone to take care of three demanding broadcasting birds, you can't go wrong with the Inovonics Model 677 Triple Tuner. Contact a BSW GearHead or visit our Model 677 product page to get your hands on this premier EAS monitor.

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