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​Broadcast Transmitter Upgrades: Another Welcome Sign of Spring

​Broadcast Transmitter Upgrades: Another Welcome Sign of Spring

It's as sure a sign of spring as the return of the robin redbreast: the urge to take your sporty car out of its winter mothballs and hit the open road, or even better, get yourself a brand new high-performance vehicle and really go places.

Radio broadcasters have long felt a similar urge. Spring is the traditional time to install a spanking new, fully loaded, fully modern transmitter at your site. But which transmitter will speed you down the smoothest road to the land of eager new listeners (and eager new advertising dollars)? There may be no right answer to that question. Every media market has its own unique highways and byways. But here are some possibilities.


The brand considered by many to be the Rolls Royce of radio broadcast transmitters, Nautel pioneered the use of solid-state transmitter technology, and the resulting simplified maintenance, higher efficiency, and significant energy savings compared to old-style tube transmitters soon made solid-state the industry standard.

For over 50 years, Nautel has continued innovating. Its transmitter line offers a wide range of FM, Low Power FM (LPFM), HD and AM options offering up to 90% efficiency and up to 40% savings on energy bills. If you're ready for a Nautel transmitter, contact one of our knowledgeable GearHeads to find the model and configuration that's ideal for your station.

Nautel is certainly impressive, but not everyone needs a Rolls. Sometimes a Lamborghini will do just fine. Here are some other cutting-edge manufacturers whose transmitters can take you where you want to go in style.


Ecreso transmitters, from WorldCast Systems, are one of the most trusted FM broadcasting transmitter brands available today. Their fully digital, solid-state transmitters for analog FM boast high efficiency of up to 76% and offer an industry-leading innovation, SmartFM. This award-winning, AI-based technology is embedded in all Ecreso FM transmitters and delivers up to 40% energy cost savings.


PTEK builds solid-state LPFM and FM transmitters offering up to 80% efficiency and power options up to 5,000 watts. Their switch mode power supplies provide consistent performance even in areas that experience frequent power outages and voltage fluctuations.


Long renowned for their state-of-the-art broadcast antenna line, NICOM also offers a range of ultra-reliable FM transmitters and exciters.

What Next?

Spring may still seem far away, but with supply chain slowdowns being the new normal, now is the time to weigh your options and choose your new transmitter. If you have any questions about your transmitter upgrade, give one of our GearHeads a call. They're ready and waiting to help you on your journey.

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