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Inovonics Sofia 563


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SOFIA 563 DAB+ SiteStreamer+™ is the latest model in the SOFIA SiteStreamer+ family of elite SiteStreamers with advanced features for critical monitoring situations. Additional SOFIA models are available for AM, FM, and HD Radio. The 563 is a Web-enabled DAB/DAB+ receiver for remote signal monitoring. It is installed at a broadcast transmitter site or any remote location with good reception and Internet. Streamed audio is accessible from any Web enabled device. The SOFIA 563 provides Analog LR, AES-Digital and Dante AES67 AoIP-streaming audio outputs. It collects histograms of signal parameters and displays DAB+ artwork, station logos and similar visuals via the Web interface. Multiple stations can be sequentially monitored using the programmable StationRotation™ feature. Alarms and notifications can be set-up for email and SMS advisories.

$2,250.00 $2,500.00
You save $250.00

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  • Main Features:
  • Remotely Monitor fulltime off-air DAB/DAB+ signals.
  • Displays graphics and related text data on Web interface.
  • Adjustable off-air output levels for LR Analog, AES3-digital and Dante/AES67 AoIP.
  • Internet-listening stream up to 10 listeners at once.
  • Monitor multiple transmissions sequentially with StationRotation.
  • Alarms & notifications sent via email or SMS messaging.
  • Enhanced alarm logging with no limit to the number of alarms that can be logged.
  • Easy set-up and operation.
  • Full SNMP support.