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The M4 MicTrak is the first portable recorder equipped with 32-bit float recording and built-in timecode generator, giving filmmakers and musicians everything they need to capture outstanding audio. When you’re on-set you can’t afford to come away with clipped or faint audio. The M4 records in 32-bit float, allowing you to capture perfect audio in any situation without the need to set gain.


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  • Main Features:
  • WAV WATCHING - Keep an eye on all four tracks of your recording using the M4’s color LCD with a real-time waveform display.
  • SUPER LOW HANDLING NOISE - The M4 was engineered to be the quietest handheld recorder ever. Its unique shock mounted X/Y mics and glossy finish significantly reduces handling noise, ensuring clean, clear audio, everytime.
  • TIMECODE ONBOARD - Serious videographers use timecode to keep their audio and video perfectly in sync. The M4’s built-in timecode generator has professional grade .2 ppm accuracy.
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE INPUTS - The M4 has two XLR/ TRS inputs that feature the same professional grade, low-noise preamps found in our flagship F-Series recorders.
  • PERFECT OUTPUTS - Connect the line output to your camera to record a backup or sync track to your video. Monitor your recording using the built-in headphone output.
  • ONE-STEP NORMALIZATION - Save time in post production by using the on board NORMALIZE function to automatically raise or lower the volume of your recording to the optimal level without compressing the audio.
  • MONITORING CAPABILITY - Use the headphone output to monitor your recording or use the built in speaker for quick reference playback.
  • SIX SECONDS OF SAFETY - The PRERECORD function captures and saves six seconds of audio before you hit RECORD - perfect for unexpected starts.
  • RECORD ALL DAY - With 18 hours of battery life, the M4 is ready to record whenever you need it.
  • RC4 REMOTE CONTROL - Control your M4 from up to 5 meters away with the Zoom RC4 (sold separately).
  • 32-BIT FLOAT AUDIO INTERFACE - The M4 can be used as a 32-bit float, 4-in/2-out audio interface.