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The M3 MicTrak gives filmmakers the ability to elevate their content with pristine audio. This on-camera stereo microphone / recorder captures every sonic nuance with 32-bit float recording. M3 captures clip-free audio, every time. Quickly shift from scene to scene with the M3 attached to the camera of your choice. Its specially designed shock mount keeps your setup lightweight and ensures minimal handling noise. With 32-bit float recording, there's no need to set gain. Whether it’s dialogue, sound effects or outdoor ambience, you’ll always get the perfect take.


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  • Main Features:
  • MONO AND STEREO MODES - Easily switch between mono and stereo modes. Mono mode is optimal for capturing dialogue. 90º gives an accurate, transparent stereo capture. 120º provides a generous stereo capture ideal for ambiance or sound effects.
  • MORE FLEXIBILITY IN POST - The M3 always saves a backup Mid-Side RAW file, giving you the flexibility to adjust the stereo width of your recording in post.
  • BACKUP YOUR RECORDING - Use the M3’s 3.5mm stereo output to connect and record a backup of your audio to your camera. This is especially helpful when syncing your audio to video.
  • STREAMLINING POST PRODUCTION - With the M3 Edit and Play software, you can adjust the stereo width of your recording and normalize your files to prepare them for syncing and editing.
  • USB MICROPHONE - Connect the USB-C port to a PC or Mac to use the M3 as a USB mic for streaming or recording.
  • MONITORING - Use the 3.5mm headphone output to monitor your recording.
  • POWER - Use the M3 during long production days with up to 12-hours of recording on 2 AA batteries.
  • STORAGE - Record on SDXC cards with up to 1TB of memory.