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m!ka System Pole Table Clamp

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The m!ka System Pole Table Clamp is used to fix a m!ka system pole at your table. Use the Pole Table Clamp system to place your m!ka system poles at the edge of your table. Changes to your table, such as drilling holes, are not required. The Pole Table Clamp system can be used at any table with a plate thickness of 14-40mm. However, do not use them on rounded surfaces, as there is a risk of slipping.

Attach the m!ka system poles with the help of the fixed screw in the middle of the system Pole Table Clamp using an Inbus key. Then place the m!ka System Pole Table Clamp simply on a table edge and turn its klove screw against the table top to achieve an optimal fixation of the glue at your individual table.

$133.48 $142.00
You save $8.52

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