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Yellowtec Litt Base Controller


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LITT by Yellowtec is an innovative, high-tech LED signaling device that brings convenience and flexibility to almost any kind of signaling application. Programmable light and flash patterns, ultra bright LED technology, sleek design and an easy assembly system come together for a whole new class of lighting design.

The first signal light controlled by a microprocessor, each segment has its own individual micro-controller with flash RAM, offering the ability to store your settings permanently. Connect your PC or Mac to the USB port of the bus controller unit and use our versatile Lighthouse software to configure a variety of lighting patterns, including flash modes and brightness. For true convenience, you can change your settings at any time.

Ultra-bright, high-definition performance for excellent daylight visibility, we employ the latest LED technology. Each new litt segment is equipped with two Philips Luxeon high power LEDs. The unique screen lens produces remarkably consistent radiance with a full 360° viewing angle.

The auto voltage range of 12 - 24 VDC and the inverse polarity protection circuitry bring exceptional convenience to the installation process. All lights connect on a handy Phoenix low-insertion force connector and the bus controller unit comes with a choice of mounting adaptors for quick and easy installation.

Yellowtec has engineered an eco-friendly device with extremely low power consumption. Using the LEDs at 50% of their rated power, we guarantee a lifetime of 100 years with daily use at three hours per day. This environmentally responsible approach ensures you’re “going green”… even when using other colors.

Main Features:
• Ultimate brightness: 2 Philips state-of-the-art Luxeon high power LED's per segment secure perfect daylight visibility.
• Hi-Definition light radiation: The special lens offers an exciting, homogenious 360° viewing angle.
• Ultra low power consumption
• Bus controlled
• Microcontroler in each segment: Each segment is equipped with its own intelligent LED drivers. Flash memory will store your setups
• Reverse polarity protection
• Voltage auto range
• Programmable flash patterns and dim
• Lighthouse software at no extra charge
• Base unit: Controls up to 5 segments
• Small carbon footprint
• Unbelievable liftime
• Segments come in 25mm and 45mm heights
• Mounting Kit Included
Light segments sold separately
$174.84 $186.00
You save $11.16

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