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Yellowtec Hush Controller YT3903



m!ka Hush BaseUnit

$421.12 $448.00
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Hush gives you control over your on air signaling. Make most of your m!ka Mic Arm OnAir‘s dual color LED indicator. Simply connect your mic arm‘s XLR-5 connector with hush and go on air! Made for m!ka, hush and hush+ fit any m!ka Mic Arm with OnAir LED. Choose your arm based on your individual needs. hush takes over when it comes to managing your on air signaling. With hush and hush+ you can also control Yellowtec‘s litt Signaling Device. Unmistakably show everyone around that you are on air and don‘t want to be disturbed!

Thanks to various control modes, hush and hush+ fit nearly any setup. Control them via hush Remote, GPIs, USB-HID or MIDI. No matter your needs, hush supports you in the driver‘s seat.

$421.12 $448.00
You save $26.88

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  • Specifications:
  • Mic In:
  • mic in looped through
  • Line Out:
  • mic out looped through
  • USB:
  • Connector: USB-C
  • Compatibility: ≥ USB 1.1 - USB 2 (with PSU), USB 3 (fully USB-powered)
  • Data Rate: 12 MB/sec
  • Power via USB:
  • Voltage: 4.5V ..5.5V
  • Current: typically 500mA / 900mA max.
  • Red Light Power @5-Pin XLR:
  • Output Voltage: 12V
  • Output Current: 40mA
  • litt Control:
  • Output Voltage: 12V
  • Output Current: 60mA
  • hush Remote:
  • Connector: USB-C
  • USB-HID:
  • Connector: USB-C
  • MIDI-In:
  • Current Loop: 10mA@5V
  • Data Rate: 31.25 kBaud
  • GPI:
  • Type: Switch to GND
  • GPO:
  • Type: Open Collector
  • Max. Voltage: +30V
  • Max. Current: 1.5A