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Yellowtec CLAMP



Desk Clamp Mount For Mikarms

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The CLAMP is a clamp-type bracket for mounting the Mikarm on the edges of worktops without having to drill holes and without the need for additional tools. It works with desktops from .8 to 2.83 inches (20 to 72mm).

The M!ka by Yellowtec integrated modular system lets you arrange the microphones and flat panel monitors in your studio or workstation efficiently and elegantly. Stylish, yet solid, each component works with its mates to let you customize a setup unique to your needs.

Need help installing? Want to know the ins and outs of M!ka?

to download the M!ka Briefing Book with install diagrams and exploded views of M!ka's products.

$62.98 $67.00
You save $4.02

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