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Whirlwind THS3



Talkback headphone BOX

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The THS 3 Talkback/Headphone box is an all-purpose, fully loaded sports announcer console. Both main and talkback microphone outputs are provided, with Mic On/Off, Cough and Talkback switches for control. The talkback output is line level with a trim control and the main microphone output of the THS 3 will be live on-air if power is lost, when using dynamic microphones. There are two assignable inputs for the headphones with balanced and unbalanced connections. Each input can be assigned to left, right or both ears. The THS 3 left and right headphone amplifiers have individual volume controls that adjust the overall level in each ear. Headphones with impedances ranging from 30 to 600 Ohms can be driven to full volume.

$588.00 $755.66
You save $167.66

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  • Main Features:
  • Separate left and right headphone amps with individual volume controls
  • Two headphone signal inputs can be assigned to either or both ears
  • Balanced or unbalanced inputs on XLR or ¼” TRS jacks
  • Passive Mic Out for on-air reliability
  • Mic output switching is completely silent
  • Active line level Talkback Out with level adjust
  • Mic On, Cough and Talkback switches for control
  • ¼” TRS or 3.5mm headphone jacks
  • PS12AC1A power adapter included