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Wheatstone STREAMBLADE-3



3 Channel Proccessor

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Streamblade addresses the unique challenges of multiple program streams. It is a 1 RU BLADE unit for streaming applications that features key Wheatstone AoIP, audio processing and codec bandwidth optimization technology. Unique to Streamblade is its five-band AGC with RMS density driven time constants for establishing tonal balance and level consistency between incoming music sources. Unlike the conventional approach of applying multiband gain control followed by fast compression to build uniform loudness and density from one music source to the next, this AGC is designed specifically for streaming applications and eliminates aggressive RMS attack times that can interfere with codec performance. Streamblade 3 streams up to 3 program channels, each with 4 streams, for a total of 12 destinations. Streamblade also has the ability to work as a standalone appliance and does not need to be a part of a WheatNet-IP network.

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  • Main Features:
  • Selectable AAC, Opus, and MP3 encoders targeting high to low bit rates for reaching a broad range of end user devices and players.
  • Accepts three input steams of native WheatNet-IP audio directly from a soundcard or AoIP driver as well as RTP sources, each capable of four outputs for a total of 12 total output streams.
  • Five-band intelligent AGC, dual-band limiter and other audio processing designed to optimize the performance of encoded audio content.
  • Cloud-ready and compatible with standard CDN and streaming platforms. Supports HLS, Icecast, RTMP, and RTP streaming protocols.
  • Lua transformation filters adapt metadata input from any automation system into any required output format for transmission to the CDN server.
  • Local I/O connectivity for other than WheatNet-IP audio network applications.
  • Analog and AES67 input for non-WNIP applications.