Wheatstone LXE-4532T



LXE - 45 Position Console Frame Package

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Taking LX-24 technology to new territory, LXE is the first radio console that gives you the power to program the entire surface! All knobs and buttons can be assigned whatever functions you need. Of course, we'll pre-configure it any way you want, but you can always change it yourself using our new ConsoleBuilder software. Each module has full color OLEDs that will reflect the function of your setup. Plus, there's an all-new touchscreen GUI that comes with ScreenBuilder-LXE. The LXE can have up to 32 physical motorized faders, with full DSP processing available on all 32 channels. Surface(s) interface seamlessly into the WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network, and utilize BLADE-3s for audio, control and associated logic data flowing on single CAT6 interconnecting cables. The system can ingest and convert virtually all audio formats: analog, microphone, AES/EBU, SPDIF, AoIP, MADI, SDI and even AES67. Loudness metering, phase control, and full EQ/Dynamics are included.

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  • Controls Surface Main Features:
  • Tabletop with meterbridge
  • Wedge low profile (no meterbridge, pairs with separate HDMI monitor)
  • Countertop drop (flushmount)
  • All three choices can be split consoles connected via network in same room or different rooms/ locations
  • Fully Programmable/Configurable via ConsoleBuilder™
  • Optional meterbridge for tabletop version with highresolution LED meters and digital timer, all assignable from ConsoleBuilder™
  • Built in Ethernet switch for plugging in accessories or other host panels
  • True IP – connects directly to switch
  • Four stereo Program busses
  • Four stereo Aux busses
  • Four mono or stereo Mix-Minus busses
  • Headphone stream to surface - up to one per panel host
  • Each input channel offers Phase control, Panning, Fader mode Left, Right, Mono, Stereo - each assignable to any knob/button
  • Stereo or mono cue speaker depending on frame size
  • Up to 32 physical faders for most configurations (virtual faders can be controlled via ACI for third-party flexibility)
  • Every fader has bus-minus or direct out and is configurable as stereo or mono
  • Fader mirroring – allows faders to mirror one another in different locations
  • Motorized fader option
  • 8 layers (to accommodate up to 32 input fader channels) – completely customizable and configurable for each layer.
  • 16 monitors (include Control Room, Headphones, Studio 1, Studio 2, etc), each with monitor dimming (all with friendly names)
  • Monitor mix capable – mix all busses together for monitor output
  • Monitor Linking (example: Headphone follow Control Room)
  • Level lock for Monitors
  • Included in this package:
  • 45 Position LXE frame with:
  • 5 Pairs of LED Program Meters, Aux Send Level
  • Displays, Cue Speaker, Headphone Amp
  • 32 IP-LXE Input Modules (WS# 011800)
  • 1 MON-LXE-1 Monitor Module (WS# 011801)
  • 1 MON-LXE-2 Monitor Module (WS# 011802)
  • 1 ST-LXE-1 Studio Monitor Module (WS# 011803)
  • 10 BK-LXE Blank Modules (WS# 011819)
  • 1 LX-HPJA External Headphone Jack (WS# 010046)
  • 1 SPS-1600 Power Supply (WS#007500)
  • 1 Power Supply Cable (WS# 007505)
  • 1 LXE User Manual (WS# 011899)
  • 1 LXE Mix Engine Blade (WS# 011016)
  • *Wheatstone I/O Blades sold separately