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Wheatstone LX-S2



Studio 2 Monitor Module for LX-24

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This Module is for Studio 2 control, Send Talkback, and Programmable Soft Buttons.


Level Control When an input channel is in SET mode, this knob controls the level of that channel into the SEND 4 mix. There is an associated LED indicator ring in the meterbridge to display this level. Pressing the knob turns the Send ON or OFF.

SEND Talkback Buttons

Pressing a button momentarily sends the Talkback interrupt signal to the selected SEND bus. Releasing the button removes the Talkback interrupt signal from the mix. Programmable SOFT Buttons (12) Use these to control salvos, events, momentary connections, intercom and logic functions, etc.

EXT Button for Studio 2 Monitor

A programmable “wild” source hot button for the control room and headphone monitor mixes. Press the EXT button to choose this wild source; press and hold to program the button. The button remains lit while the wild source is feeding the Studio 2 mix.

SET Button for Studio 2 Source Selection

Press to enter SET mode for the Studio 2 mix and select the desired source.

Studio 2 SOURCE Selection Buttons

Pressing one of these selects a console output bus as the Studio 2 monitor source. The button stays lit to indicate the selection.

STUDIO 2 Source 8-Character Display

Shows the active source for the Studio 2 monitor mix. STUDIO 2 Level Control Sets the level for the Studio 2 monitor mix.

$931.14 $1,042.88
You save $111.74

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