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Wheatstone LX-IN



Input Module for LX-24

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The LX-24 is a modular console design that accommodates up to 24 input channel faders. All modules feature sealedcontact illuminated LED switches. ON/OFF switches have stainless steel guards.

SET Button:

Assigns the channel strip for programming of pan, mixminus assign, and input source on the master panels (control room and headphone) and for less frequently used controls (EQ, dynamics, logic and more).

INPUT A/B Source Buttons:

Press to take or press and hold to program a source. This function can be locked out in the user access screen.

Programmable SOFT 1 & 2 Buttons:

Can be programmed on the monitor display for a wide range of functionality. Typically used for hot source select, mode change, or EQ/filter/ compression insertion.

MODE Indicators:

Displays channel strip’s source mode

MXM Tallies LEDs that indicate which mix-minus busses the source is feeding; assignment is set on the master section of the headphone panel.

Bus ASSIGN Button:

Assigns the source to the console’s four output busses.

SOURCE Display:

Displays the source currently assigned to the channel strip, or scrolls the available sources when changing input source.

TB Button:

Interrupts the channel busminus output with talkback.


Assigns the source to the cue bus (pre-ON/OFF switch, pre-fader).

FADER 100 mm long-throw professional fader.

$931.14 $1,042.88
You save $111.74

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