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Wheatstone AIRAURA-X5



Dual -Path FM HD Digital Audio On-Air Processor

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Built from the ground up, it's based on several breakthroughs, including an innovative new approach to dynamics control and pre-emphasis management.

In more traditional audio processing designs, pre-emphasis is either managed by specialized limiting or carefully designed clipping that merely tolerated the pre-emphasis curve. Thinking about this problem, and the fact that it’s been over a decade since there has been a major development about dealing with pre-emphasis, Wheatstone set out, through our work with DSP, to come up with the ultimate solution to the problem.

We have seen what the power of DSP can do to restore audio and video over the years. What if we found a way to apply that thinking to FM pre-emphasis and peak control?

Enter LIMITLESS. FM peak control technology that reconstructs the audio after the application of pre-emphasis. No more dull smeary highs or spitty audio. Just clean and clear high end that’s perfectly matched to the texture of your HD audio.

X5 also leads the way with Unified Processing®, which allows the processor to share information between ALL stages. In the X5, the iAGC, Dynamics and Limitless Clipper work together no matter which control a user adjusts. Changes are made automatically, in real time, in ways never envisioned before.

The X5 also includes a totally redesigned limiter. As part of the Unified Processing system, this unique limiter, designed as 31 independent filter banks with no crossovers to colorize the audio, works directly with the X5's Limitless clipper, providing an audio blueprint for how the clipper should behave.

$17,993.33 $18,893.00
You save $899.67

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  • Main Features:
  • Processor shares information between ALL stages – iAGC, limiters and clipper all share information and changes can be made automatically, in real time, in ways never envisioned before.
  • Redesigned bass processor and enhancement controls in the iAGC that allow you to safely equalize your audio for maximum consistency.
  • Full RDS capabilities.
  • Works either with third-party HD/FM modulation monitors or by itself, with the new FM/HD tuner built in to the X5.
  • AES insert points (PPMport) are also available for customers who wish to insert their ratings encoder into the processing system instead of placing it in front of the processor.
  • New look and feel, with an intuitive GUI and dual touch screens on the front panel.
  • Experienced users of Wheatstone processing will be happy to know that many of the popular features in previous models have been incorporated in the AirAura X5, including:
  • – an improved Multipath Mitigation algorithm
  • – redesigned composite processing with selectable look ahead limiting or clipping,
  • – baseband192 composite AES connectivity
  • – full set of analysis displays.