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Ultimate Support ULTIBOOM-TB



Telescoping Mic Boom

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Need a telescoping boom that's easy to adjust and eliminates annoying sagging and slipping as you adjust it. The Ulti-Boom-TB features Ultimate Support’s center hub, the critical adjustment point on a boom. This center hub is the largest on the market, increasing friction, and reducing any chance of slipping. Other handy features include a universal thread mount to fit both US and metric threaded mic clips, large knobs that are easier to grasp for quick adjustment, and extruded and anodized aluminum tubing with internal glides for smooth and noise-free adjustment.

• Black

• Boom length 18.9" - 34.6" (480 mm - 880 mm)

• Metal counter-weight provides true balance to the boom

• Limited lifetime warranty

$40.99 $60.99
You save $20.00

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