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Telos VSet Desktop Controller



VSET Desktop Controller with Visual Line-Status Indicators (2001-00509)

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The Telos VSET desktop controller with visual line-status indicator provides selection and control of up to 12 callers. Includes standard controls to allow fast, error-free operation, including Take, Drop, Hold, and Busy keys. Telos exclusive "Next Call" key speeds workflow for producers, and talent; built-in keypad allows on-hybrid dialing of outgoing numbers. VSet Desktop Controller works in producer mode only. Make and answer calls using VSet5, VSet12, or on hybrid with VSet Desktop Controller. Power Requirements: 4.5 Watts boot surge peak; 3.7 Watts in idle state (no application); 7.6 Watts with all lights and displays illuminated.

$1,526.00 $1,695.00
You save $169.00

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