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Telos V-Set 6



IP-Based Call Controller (2001-00294)

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The VSet6 phone controller is a six-line version of the VSet12. Like its big brother, it has a large, friendly color screen with animated Status Symbol icons, and controls for 6 phone lines. With all the control functions of the VSet12, it's great for secondary studios or other locations where only six lines of control are desired.

Flexible power options include PoE (Power over Ethernet) from a Telos-approved switch or a powered Ethernet port on an Axia console engine.

VSet Controls

Easy-to-understand VSet controls, with a friendly visual interface, let talent manage incoming lines, lock calls on-air, start an external recording device, and take a queue of calls to air sequentially, for precise management of multi-call interviews or conferences.

The LCD displays deliver detailed line status, caller information, caller ID, time ringing-in or on-hold, and even comments entered in the VX Producer screening software application. Shown above are a few of the attractive, instantly-understandable Status Symbols that help talent run tight, mistake-free shows.

A built-in address book and call history log round out VSet12’s features. As with the rest of the VX system, each VSet12 has its own web server for easy remote configuration and software upgrades.

Stands 4.9" (123 cm) tall, with footprint dimensions of 12" x 7” (29.5 x 18 cm).

Power consumption: 15.4 Watts.

Shipping dimensions 16¼"x13"x10” (41 x 33 x 25cm)

Weight 9 lbs (4.1 kg).

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All Telos products include a 5 year warranty

$896.00 $995.00
You save $99.00

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