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Telos Alliance Axia Quasar SR-4FAD Module



Quasar SR-4FAD Module (Standalone Uninstalled)

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Axia Quasar™ AoIP consoles are the ultimate AoIP Broadcast Mixing Consoles, putting the power at your fingertips for next-level content creation. Including XR and SR models—the Quasar family offers broadcast engineers and less seasoned board operators alike boundless production possibilities, modularity, scalability, and workflow flexibility.

The Quasar SR-4FAD Module is a 4-Channel non-motorized fader component of a Quasar SR Console. Up to 7x SR-4FAD modules can be fitted in a single, (8.5U) frame, for a total of 28 faders. Up to 8 modules can be connected, by using multiple split-frame console configurations to constitute 32 faders. It features customizable avionics-grade user buttons throughout the module, four 1.44" TFT IPS Displays, 4x Touch-Sensitive high-quality encoders with detents, 4x Touch-Sensitive high-quality faders, and RGB color coding Strips on each fader.

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