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Telos Alliance Axia Altus Base License - Buyout



AXIA 3002-00114-000

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Altus four fader base license needed for operation of the product and 4 operational faders. Additional faders can be added with Add on Channel Licenses (3002-00115-000). Altus is a virtual console deployed as a container. Features include 3 dedicated stereo Program buses, plus a stereo Utility bus that can be used for phone calls, off-air recording, or as a fourth Program bus. Automatic mix-minus is provided on each fader, plus talkback functions, Record Mode, Automixing, Show Profile functions for instant recall of up to 26 predefined console “snapshots,” Studio and Control Room monitor controls. Comes with 8 virtual auxiliary mixers.

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  • Main Features:
  • Full function mixing for your distributed & remote workforce
  • Control in a browser - no need for a physical surface
  • Capable of running on a local server or data center
  • Enabling concurrent collaboration from multiple users on a single live (or recorded) program
  • Allowing temporary studios to be deployed anywhere, in minutes
  • Controlled by computers and tablets that your team already has
  • Not taking up counter space in the studio
  • Providing easy low cost option for disaster recovery
  • Broadcast from anywhere, on any device
  • Specifications:
  • Deployed on-premises or cloud-hosted as a Docker container, or pre-installed on the Telos Alliance AP-3000 hardware platform
  • Available either as a one-time buyout or as a subscription (12 month)
  • Starts with a base Altus 4-fader software module and grows in increments of 4 faders (instead of 6 or 8), up to 24 faders
  • Comes with 8 virtual auxiliary mixers