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Master Clock w/Video Out

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The CG-2000 from TASCAM provides reliable clock output with redundant systems for confident on-air broadcast operation. The Video Sync/Master Clock Generator includes four video clock outputs and a video clock input ensure tight synchronization with video devices, including tri-level sync for high-definition video.

Redundant power sources and clock sources are provided for reliable operation, insuring transmissions against dropouts or dead air. A GPO (General Purpose Output) is provided for tally alarms and monitoring system status. An additional Analyzer function is also available to measure input frequencies, levels, and termination to assist troubleshooting in large facilities.

The CG-2000 has twelve word clock outputs, two AES/EBU, and two S/PDIF outputs. Two of the clock outputs can output multiples of 1/2Fs, 1/4Fs, 2xFs, 4xFs, and 256x the selected sampling rate. Four front-panel preset buttons recall often-used frequencies and settings. Presets and error logs can be saved to a USB drive. A menu screen is provided for additional settings, and the front panel can be locked to prevent accidental changes.

Inside the CG-2000 clock generator is a high-quality OCXO. This oven-controlled crystal oscillator has 0.01PPM accuracy – the highest precision in its class. Jitter Management and Glitch-free Relocking circuits make TASCAM’s CG-series generators ensure highly-accurate clock outputs. For applications demanding even more accuracy, a 10MHz input accepts signal from Rubidium or GPS-based generators.

With best-in-class clock precision, glitchless relocking, and broadcast-specific features, the TASCAM CG-2000 provides reliable synchronization to post and broadcast installations.

$3,999.00 $4,499.00
You save $500.00

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  • Main Features:
  • Dual power supplies for redundancy
  • Dual clock input for redundancy
  • Four video clock outputs
  • Video clock input
  • Tri-level sync support for high-definition video
  • Additional Analyzer functions for troubleshooting
  • High-precision OCXO (Oven-Controlled Crystal Oscillator) with 0.01PPM
  • Jitter management circuit for stable clock output
  • Glitch-free relocking circuit prevents noise and skipping during clock dropouts and recovery
  • 10MHz input for use with Rubidium or GPS clock generators
  • Twelve word clock outputs, two of which support 1/2Fs, 1/4Fs, 2xFs, 4xFs, and 256x the selected rate
  • Word clock, AES/EBU and S/PDIF clock inputs
  • Four system presets, saved internally with USB drive backup
  • Sampling Frequencies from 32kHz to 192kHz supported
  • Panel lock switch to prevent accidental changes
  • 1u rack mount size
  • GPO for tally alarms and status monitoring