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Sound Ideas Sports Music Elements


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The Sound Ideas Sports Music & Elements package contains 210 royalty free music tracks and 333 vocal and effects clips to get the crowd pumped, highlight the plays and give your sports or theater event a realistic soundtrack of musical accompaniments, cheers, announcements and sound effects.

The music CD includes the American and Canadian national anthems, plus a wide variety of musical fanfares, chants, calls, accents and riffs. And the sound effects CD contains more than 120 versatile public address announcements, plus separate sections devoted to Exciter, Accent, Taunt, Celebrator and Blooper FX.

It also includes a DVD version of the CD content, offered in broadcast WAV format that has been embedded with a full set of search materials. All the files have been mastered so that the sound effect descriptions, categories and other library information is stored within the file, making it visible and ready for immediate use in many different software applications in both the PC and Apple platforms. These 16 bit 44.1 K BWF files can also be played on any conventional WAV media player. 
Click the logo for a PDF of the complete track listing.

$179.00 $199.00
You save $20.00

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