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Sound Devices 688 BSTOCK



12-Input Field Production Mixer with 16-Track Recorder & Automixing

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*Power Supply NOT included

The 688 combines performance, reliability, and integrity of sound quality, to help production sound engineers thrive on even the most complex productions. With its multi-channel mixer, two powerful auto mixers (Dugan and MixAssist™), and integrated 16-track recorder, the 688 was designed with high-demand versatility in mind. Vertical meter displays, improved menus, and the ability to save custom configurations make live monitoring and on-the-fly adjustments simple and quick. Its portability, durability, and impressive feature set, make it capable of fitting into any production scenario, from bag to cart-based workflows.

With 12 true inputs (6 mic inputs and 6 line inputs), the 688 offers more than enough fader control for bag work. Add the optional SL-6 integrated powering and wireless system, used with SuperSlot-compatible receivers, and the 688 gains complete Rx control and monitoring, plus RF scanning and frequency assignment, all from the 688's larger color LCD.

Its eight assignable outputs (L/R, X1-X6) provide vast routing flexibility, allowing sound mixers to easily tailor their setup to the various configurations necessary while on location. Channel assignments are a breeze. Add the optional CL-12 linear fader controller, and the 688 becomes a very powerful, fully cohesive cart audio system with smooth-gliding faders, 3-band EQ, dedicated controls and LED metering.

The 688 has six high-bandwidth mic/line inputs on XLR connectors, each complete with phantom power, high-pass filter, analog input limiter and variable pan. Six additional line-level inputs on TA3 connectors offer flexibility for more complex productions.

All inputs are assignable, pre- or post-fade to its eight output buses, left/right plus Aux 1-6. The 688 can send its main left/right mix to three cameras simultaneously via transformer-balanced XLR and Hirose outputs.

In keeping with Sound Devices' commitment to giving production sound mixers the tools they need to help them mix in increasingly complex production settings, the inclusion of the Dugan Speech System™, along with Sound Devices' MixAssist™, makes the 688 the 'go-to' automixing tool for field production applications. Automatic mixing is widely used in broadcast television applications, in dialogue recording for TV and motion picture production, and in house of worship (HOW) applications. It also is a good choice for teleconferencing, video trucks, and theater applications with multiple wireless microphones on stage. Dugan automixing takes over the nerve-wracking job of cueing mics in and out, freeing up the location recordist to pay more attention to the artistic balance.

MixAssist automatically attenuates the level of inputs that are not active and helps maintain consistent background sound levels regardless of the number of open microphones. Comb filtering and phasing artifacts are also reduced when multiple mics pick up the same sound source by inteligently attenuating redundant mics. The end user can define the amount of off-attenuation MixAssist uses.

The 688 offers 16-track, polyphonic or monophonic broadcast WAV file recording to SD and CompactFlash cards. All common sampling rates are supported, including 192 kHz on up to six tracks. The memory cards can be set independently, recording either identical material for real-time backup, or combinations of WAV and MP3 files.

The 688 features a world renowned Ambient™ timecode generator and reader supporting all common rates and modes. A helpful time code compare utility shows the difference between internal and external timecode. The 688 also generates sound reports and supports extensive metadata, via the front panel or attached USB keyboard.

What's Included:
• 1 - 688
• 1 - USB 2.0 A female to female connector
• 1 - USB A to USB B, 2-meter RoHS cable
• 2 - Link port cover
• 1 - LCD protective cover
• 4 - Adhesive rubber "bumpers"
• >1 - Colored dot stickers
• 1 - Product registration card
• 1 - 688 Quick Start Guide
• >1 - Promo stickers
• 1 - Full-line Audio Catalog

Main Features:

• 12 analog inputs: Six mic/line preamps plus six line inputs all with front-panel faders & PFLs.
• 16-track recording to SD & CompactFlash cards; Timecode-stamped WAV & MP3 files
• MixAssist 12-input auto-mixer.
• Optional Accessories: SL-6 power distribution & 6-ch SuperSlot™ wireless receiver system; CL-6 input controller with LED metering & transport controls.
• Both SL-6 and CL-6 can be conected to the 688 at the same time. SL-6 to top panel, CL-6 to bottom panel.
• Eight output buses: L/R mix plus Aux 1-6; transformer-balanced XLR & Hirose outs for freedom from ground loops Two AES42/AES3 inputs, eight AES3 outputs.
• Direct menu control of SuperSlot-compatible wireless (with SL-6).
• PowerSafe protects files from power loss.
• 2-second power on-to-recording.
• Flexible digital mixing and routing.
• Supports all sample rates up to 192kHz.
• Adjustable input & output delay.
• Three camera returns & dedicated COM return.
• Internal & external slate mic inputs.
• Ambient TC generator and reader and internal TC backup battery.
• Easy to navigate interface, 1000-nit LCD visible in all light conditions, configurable metering.
• USB Keyboard for metadata entry.
• User-configurable headphone presets.
• Light-weight, durable carbon-fiber chassis.
• Powered by AA-battery (x5), external DC or NP1 via SL-6.

$3,998.98 $5,998.00
You save $1,999.02

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