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12U Shock Mount Rack

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This SKB 12U rack case is 20 inches deep and designed for the heaviest demands of the road.

Based on the Ultimate Strength Series design, this Roto Shockmount Rack Case provides added protection for sensitive gear. With an internal frame mounted on adjustable elastomer shock absorbers on all eight corners, this revolutionary design controls the effects of shock and vibration on all three axes. The "sway" space around the internal frame provides natural air conditioning, which is crucial for delicate equipment. And it's less than half the weight of a conventional wood rack.

• 12 rack space units

• Rear rails

• Shock resistant

• Roto molded for strength

• Adjustable elastomer shock absorbers

• Molded-in handles provide secure grasping points

• Interlocking X-pattern for solid stackability

• Front and rear full size lids

• Recessed latches

• Shock absorbing feet

• Exterior depth: 28"

• Exterior width: 29.5"

• Exterior height: 29.5"

• Rack depth (front rail to back lid): 23.25"

• Rack depth (front to rear rail): 20"

• Lid depth: 3.25"

• Shipping Weight: 66 lbs

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