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Sine Systems RFC-1B



Remote Facility Controller, Dial Up

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Remote Facilities Controller

The RFC-1/B is probably the most popular transmitter remote control system available. It is certainly the most affordable, full-featured system and it has a well deserved reputation for reliability.

The minimum system consists of the RFC-1/B control unit and one RP-8 Relay Panel (ordered separately). The RFC-1/B is the ‘brain’ of the system and the RP-8 is the interface to outboard equipment. The RP-8 provides eight channels of telemetry input and control output. Multiple RP-8 panels can be used to expand the system to a maximum of 64 channels.

Cost Effective Transmitter Control

The RFC-1/B installs completely at the transmitter site. Once in place, the engineer or other authorized personnel can take readings and make adjustments from nearly any telephone at any location, including wireless phones. The only requirement is for the telephone to be able to produce DTMF tones, also known as Touch-Tones®.

The RFC-1/B responds to commands that are issued by specific combinations of telephone keys. It responds with readings or other status information in a human sounding voice. Each channel has two output relays for on/off or raise/lower operations. Channel readings can be programmed for on/off status indication or for analog readings with a decimal point and a unit word.

Automated Operations

In addition to being controlled manually by phone, the RFC-1/B can perform tasks automatically based on the date and time of day for events such as pattern changes. Up to 80 timed events can be programmed in the system.

Perhaps most importantly, the RFC-1/B can perform tasks based on the condition of the transmitter or another device. For instance, if the transmitter power goes too high, the RFC-1/B can be programmed to adjust the power down to a normal reading. In the event of more serious malfunctions the RFC-1/B can call to alert station personnel of the situation.

Transmitter Monitoring

The monitoring and alarm system of the RFC-1/B is fully programmable. Up to eight telemetry channels can be monitored for out of tolerance conditions. When a channel exceeds the programmed limits, the RFC-1/B can react by trying to solve the problem or by calling appropriate station personnel to alert them of the situation. Up to six different telephone numbers can be called by voice or pager.

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