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Shure VP88



M-S Stereo Microphone with Internal Matrix

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Combining two condenser cartridges in a single housing, the Shure VP88 is a single-point stereo condenser mic designed for studio recording, field production, news coverage and broadcast applications. Rugged enough in construction for just about any situation, the VP88 captures stereo audio images which give enhanced realism and presence to recordings of any kind. It uses a mid-side (M-S) stereo configuration: one cartridge (mid) faces forward to capture on-axis sound with a cardioid pickup pattern, and the other (side) is bi-directional and captures sound from either side. Three separate settings for different degrees of stereo separation are selectable via an internal matrix or bypassable for external processing, and switches on the microphone also control output mode, low-frequency rolloff and battery on/off. Features: phantom power or 6V internal battery operation; 40 Hz-20 kHz frequency response; low noise and distortion; includes Y-splitter cable, foam windscreen, swivel adapter, battery and bag. Optional Accessories: A88SM shock mount; A88ZK zeppelin windscreen kit.

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$799.00 $999.00
You save $200.00

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