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Shure SCM268



Four-Channel Transformer Balanced Mic Mixer

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The Shure SCM268 microphone mixer has four transformer-balanced XLR microphone-level inputs, one transformer-balanced XLR mic/line output, and one internal low stray field, toroidal power transformer. All those audio transformers provide protection from RF interference, prevent ground loops, and make the SCM268 exceptionally quiet. Other features include: five unbalanced aux level inputs (phono connectors); LED peak output meter, one unbalanced aux level output (phono connector) and 12V phantom power.

$341.00 $478.00
You save $137.00

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  • Main Features:
  • Five unbalanced aux level inputs (Phono connectors)
  • LED peak output meter
  • One unbalanced aux level output (Phono connector)
  • IEC power cord connector
  • 12V phantom power for condenser microphones
  • Built-in low cut filters on mic inputs
  • Unit fits into a half-rack space and includes all the necessary rack mounting hardware.