Shure MoveMic Two Receiver Kit



Two Lavs, Charge Case, Plug-in Receiver

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Elevate your content with the Shure MoveMic Two Receiver Kit, the ultimate solution for capturing professional audio on mobile phones, cameras or computers. This wireless clip-on microphone system comes with the MoveMic Receiver, expanding compatibility to mirrorless and DSLR cameras, computers, and third-party apps on your mobile phone. With up to 24 hours of recording, quick setup and two channels of high-fidelity audio, this wireless microphone for cameras lets you capture every moment.

The MoveMic Two Receiver Kit comes fully equipped with two MoveMic wireless lavalier microphones and the MoveMic Receiver to offer unparalleled functionality and compatibility for the modern creator. After quickly setting up the Shure MOTIV apps, you can record high-quality audio directly to your mobile device or use the included MoveMic Receiver with cameras and third-party apps.

The MoveMic Two Receiver Kit merges functionality and compact design to let you to capture high-quality sound without sacrificing compatibility.

The MoveMic Two Receiver Kit was engineered by the same team behind our renowned professional wireless systems to deliver broadcast-quality audio.

This kit makes swift work of setup: Pair it with either your phone via the Shure app or the MoveMic Receiver in seconds.

The MoveMic Two Receiver Kit brings direct-to-phone recording and complete camera connectivity together in a handy package for the modern creator.

The MoveMic Two Receiver Kit is meticulously designed to deliver superior audio quality that leapfrogs traditional wireless microphones for creators. Behind its sound excellence lies a custom acoustic design, tailor-made from the ground up to capture sound like never before. It's built by engineers behind renowned Shure wireless microphone systems, ensuring every recording – on your phone or camera – is of superb quality. Rely on MoveMic Two Receiver Kit to capture every detail of your content.

$499.00 $624.00
You save $125.00

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  • Main Features:
  • Two-channel wireless microphone system with Receiver for use with cameras, computers and direct-to-phone connectivity. Pair both microphones directly to your iOS or Android device using the Shure MOTIV Video or Audio apps or to the MoveMic Receiver for use with cameras and third party mobile apps.
  • Connect your MoveMic Receiver to your mobile phone for additional compatibility with third-party and native apps on your mobile phone. Direct-to-phone connectivity is only recommended for use with Shure MOTIV apps.
  • Carefully designed microphone form factor to be as small and discreet as possible. Created by same Shure team behind the professional wireless microphone systems used by the world’s leading artists, venues and festivals.
  • 24 hours of recording on the go: MoveMic lavaliers provide eight hours of battery life within the microphone, with an additional two full charges ready in the convenient charging case. The MoveMic Receiver needs to be charged separately.
  • The MoveMic Two Receiver Kit offers instant setup and connectivity, enabling you to record in seconds without missing a beat.
  • Choose between direct-to-phone wireless, or use the MoveMic Receiver with your camera, for up to two channels of high-quality audio with any device.
  • Utilizing custom acoustic design and proprietary wireless software, MoveMic delivers professional audio quality beyond traditional mobile devices.
  • The free ShurePlus MOTIV apps allow you to customize your audio and video settings for optimal recording. Configure gain, limiter, EQ, compression and noise reduction within the apps. Rated IPX4, MoveMic Two is designed to withstand rain, spills and splashes, ensuring your content is not limited by environmental conditions.
  • In the Box:
  • 2 MoveMic Wireless Lavalier Microphones
  • 1 Charging Case
  • 1 MoveMic Receiver
  • 2 USB-C to USB-C Cable
  • 1 3.5mm – 3.5mm Cable
  • 1 Roll Bag/Protective Carrying Case