Shure A15BT



Bridging Transformer

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The Shure A15BT Bridging Transformer can be used to connect balanced and unbalanced devices having different signal levels or impedances. Depending on the configuration, the A15BT provides a minor increase or decrease in signal level.

Ways to use the A15BT:

• Connect a mono output from an FM tuner or receiver to the input of a microphone mixer

• Connect a high-impedance microphone to a medium-impedance input on an audio recorder

• Connect a balanced line-level output from a mixer to an unbalanced Aux-level input on an amplifier or recorder

• Convert an unbalanced Aux-level output to a balanced 600 Ohm line output (example: Shure SCM268 Mixer)

$56.76 $62.00
You save $5.24

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