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Shure A120S



In-Line On/Off Switch (Requires Soldering)

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The A120S Accessory in-Line Switch can be used to add an On/OFF, Push-To-Talk, Cough Button, or Transmitter-Relay Keying function to a microphone or other device rated at up to 3 amps ac (0.5 Adc) 125V, non-inductive load. The switch has gold-plated contacts for reliable performance even in low-current circuits. The switch is a double-pole double-throw type for maximum versatility. Its pushbutton combines with a rotary knob to provide either spring-return momentary or locking action.

The unit is supplied with a crimp-on strain relief for 6.4 mm (0.25") diameter cable and with a flex relief for either large or small diameter cables. The permanently attached belt clip can be rotated on the case to any of four positions for the most convenience in use.

$29.99 $34.00
You save $4.01

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