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Sennheiser MKE-ES-OMNI-BLK



MKE Essential Omni Lav Microphone, BLK

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MKE Essential Omni offers users a compact, high quality omni directional capsule with an acoustic signature similar to the MKE 2, ideally suited for theater, worship and other speech-related applications. Available in black or beige, MKE Essential Omni features a robust 1.6m cable, MZQ 02 clip and SL MZW 1 foam windscreen. With its small size, the MKE Essential is inconspicuous and very lightweight (16g). Additionally, the new lavalier series is fully compatible with our wide range of mounting accessories for the renowned MKE 2 series.

What's Included:

• MKE Essential Omni-Black with 3.5mm jack

• MZQ 02 microphone clamp

• SL MZW foam windscreen

$249.00 $289.00
You save $40.00

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  • Main Features:
  • Warm, detailed, distortion-free sound with excellent speech intelligibility
  • Inconspicuous in use, due to small size and two-color variants
  • Easy to position and comfortable to wear
  • Patented umbrella diaphragm protects capsule from moisture
  • Wide range of accessories