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Rycote 042901



InVision Video Hot Shoe

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The Rycote InVision Video (Hot Shoe) can be mounted onto any camcorder hot shoe. It can be rotated 360 degrees around its mounting point, on a 100 mm (4") bar. The bar is slotted, which allows the cradle to be slid in and out to obtain perfect positioning. This can be used to move the microphone and windscreen back and out of shot in the lens.

The shoe foot is machined from high-grade brass. With a male 3/8" 16 Whitworth thread externally, and a 1/4" 20 female thread internally for complete functionality.

• Weight: 84 grams (3 oz)

• Grip length of mic clip: 65 mm (5.5")

• Suitable for microphones with lengths of 50 mm (2") to 300 mm (12") and diameters of 19 mm (3/4") to 25 mm (1")

$85.00 $106.25
You save $21.25

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