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Radio Design Labs STP-1



Dual Attenuator

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The STP-1 is a pair of convenient attenuator pads that can be located at the precise location that attenuation is needed. The low-cost STP-1 eliminates the costly labor of figuring and assembling fixed pads. Multi-turn trimmers in the STP-1 permit precise adjustment of levels without the need to connect any jumpers or external resistors. The STP-1 operates in either high or low impedance, balanced or unbalanced circuits. The wiring legend is printed on the case for easy installation.

$86.23 $114.97
You save $28.74

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  • Main Features:
  • Audio Level Attenuation
  • Adjust Audio Level into Equipment
  • Preset Audio Levels
  • Precisely Match Audio Levels
  • Increase Audio Input Headroom
  • Two Adjustable Attenuators in One Package
  • Specifications:
  • Nominal Impedance: HI-Z 10 kΩ; LO-Z 600 Ω
  • Adjustment: Screwdriver trimming adjustment, 15 turns continuous
  • Circuit Type: Passive modified H & T pads
  • Connections: Terminal block accepts 14 to 24 guage wire; no lugs required; input/output connection legend located on STP-1
  • Maximum Signal Inputs:
  • HI-Z Balanced Line: +33 dBu, 35 V rms
  • LO-Z Balanced Line: +27 dBu, 18 V rms
  • HI-Z Unbalanced Line: +35 dBV, 45 V rms
  • Reference Levels:Line level is +10 dBu to -10 dBu
  • Mic level is -45 dBu to -65 dBu
  • Power Requirement: Passive (not required)
  • Operating Environment:-20° C to 60° C