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Audio Gain Control Amplifier

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This indispensable device constantly adjusts for changes in input levels, bringing up low levels and reducing gain for high levels to continuously maintain the correct output of your system. It features two switch-selectable modes to give you flexible control of most any sound level problem. Its Slow mode is ideal for leveling out music sources, while its Fast mode works like a charm on systems notorious for sudden bursts of sound and wildly inconsistent levels, such as paging and intercom systems. Great for mic mixing, it features very low noise and distortion. PS24AS 24-volt power supply required (sold separately)

• Automatic Gain Control

• Wide Dynamic Range AGC

• Slow Inaudible Gain-Reduction

• Tight Dynamic Control

• Positive, Fast Gain Reduction

• Low-Noise and Low-Distortion AGC

• RDL SupplyFlex Power Input Configuration

• Input: +4 dBu balanced (nominal); -45 dBu to +20 dBu for rated output

• Maximum Input Level: +26 dBu

• Outputs (2): +4 dBu, 150 ohms balanced LINE (nominal, +0/-3 dB);_-45 dBu balanced MIC into 150 ohms

• AGC Range: >40 dB (output level maintained within 3 dB)

• Frequency Response: 10 Hz to 20 kHz (+/- 0.75 dB)

• Noise: No input signal, output un-muted <-70 dB; No input signal, output muted <-80 dB; Input signal present, output muted <-50 dB

• THD + N: <0.3% (50 Hz to 20 kHz; Typ. 0.05% @ 1 kHz)

• Mute Threshold: -46 dB below max input; -28 dB below normal input

• Muting Response: 15 sec. for 50 dB

• SLOW AGC response: 8 sec. for 20 dB average level adjustment

• FAST AGC response: 3 sec. for 20 dB average level adjustment

• FAST AGC response: 50 ms to ramp from muted to fully on condition

• Indicators (2): LED, green variable intensity shows audio expansion; LED, yellow variable intensity shows audio gain reduction (Both LEDs display equal intensity for normal input level--equal available expansion and gain reduction)

• Power Requirement: GROUND-REFERENCED or FLOATING 24 to 33 Vdc @ 40 mA

$180.88 $241.17
You save $60.29

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