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Radio Design Labs RU-SH1



Stereo Headphone Amp- Rack-up Series, Level Control

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The RU-SH1 is a dual channel headphone amplifier that can drive high or low impedance headsets in stereo or mono. If features balanced/unbalanced left and right inputs that accept operating levels between -20 dBV and +20 dBu. It mounts in RACK-UP series rack mounts or in various RDL mounting accessories.

Its front panel level control is a long-life potentiometer controlling matched VCAs. Audio does not pass through this control, assuring years of noise-free level adjustment. The output amplifiers deliver more than 50 mW into either high or low impedance headphones through a durable, metal 1/4" (6.3 mm) standard headphone jack. Module operation is from a 24 Vdc ground-referenced power supply. It can also operate from a 12 Vdc supply with a 6 dB reduction in headroom and a maximum output power of 10 mW.

• Rack-mounted headphone amplifier (RACK-UP Series)

• Integral long-life VCA stereo level control

• Balanced or unbalanced inputs

• Switch selectable input sensitivity

• Switch selectable Mono (Left) or Stereo operation

• Amplifier can drive high or low impedance headsets

$221.79 $295.72
You save $73.93

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